My name is Shareef Dabdoub. I am currently a Research Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry. My PhD is in Biophysics (spec. Computational Biology) from The Ohio State University. Currently I am working to understand the causes of oral diseases as related to shifts in the ecology of the oral microbiome.

My most recent publications [1] [2] (Scientific Reports) are, respectively, a whole metagenome sequencing investigation of the functional properties and microbial communities involved in periodontal health and disease, and a new software tool (PhyloToAST) aimed at analysis and visualization of phylogenetic data, both targeted sequencing and untargeted analyses.

General Interests:
I am a Computational Biologist with a background in both Computer Science and Biology. My main research interests involve scientific data visualization, microbial ecology, open source software, machine learning, image analysis and genetics.

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